Art eXposed for Friday Feb 19 2010


Art eXposed for Friday Feb 12 2010

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend!!!! So to get you in the loving spirit, we have some Valentine related links for you to enjoy.

Keep Breathing, video art

This is a great video from my 14yr old step daughter. Maybe it’s nepitism, but I think this is just awesome. My wife and I went to Event camp 2010 in NYC during a snowstorm in Central New Jersey. Around 12noon we left 4 teenagers at home just hoping the house would still be standing when we returned home. When we returned home the house was as I expected, it was still standing 🙂 and the sink was full of dishes. But we were surprised on Sunday Morning when the kids woke up around noon and Megan showed us the video. ENJOY!!!!

Art eXposed for Friday Feb 4 2010

Art is still going strong!. Sotherby’s breaks all art records with the sale of a sculpture from Alberto Giacometti “L’Homme Qui Marche I” (“The Walking Man I”). It was sold for $104.3 million USD ,way above the expected price of $20-$30 million.