Using “Twitter” to Promote Yourself

Twitter is a Micro-blog .  It allows you to post short 140 char blogs, called tweets. It is also considered a moblog (mobil blog), because you can send your blog via your cell phone (text Message (40404) , or via their wap site You can also post from the web ( or by IM using their screen name  “twitterim”.  Internet developers are also creating other methods for you to enter information into your twitter blog.

So why should artists use Twitter?  Well unless you live in a cave, every art magazine, art marketing guru, and Internet site is telling you to blog.  But if you’re like me, it’s HARD to stop and take the time to write an article.  That’s why there’s twitter… for people like you and me.  Just a couple of sentences will keep your patrons happy and with an easy to use interface you have no excuse not to blog.

With Twitter you just let your patrons know what your doing. So when you’re  excited about something just send a tweet.

Let me give you a few examples of tweets you can post:

  • Just started a new painting: The long Island sound on a cool fall day. (Sept 18)
  • Spent the morning on the sound, 74 degrees … life doesn’t get any better than this. (Sept 19)
  • Happy with the progress so far, can’t wait for you all to see. (Sept 21)
  • Just finished the painting … check it out on Art eXposed !!!! (Sept 24)

You can post your tweets to your current blog, on your page, or on your website using widgets.  Below I have place an RSS feed of the Art eXposed twitter.

The Art eXposed Twitter