Prioritizing Your Goals & To-Dos

In my last installment “Setting Goals for 2007,”  I talked about creating your weekly to-do list at the beginning of each week. In this installment, I’m going to add in all the other to-dos we have in our lives, because life’s demands never wait for us. We all lead busy lifestyles with lots of other demands that also require our attention. Some of us have families, pets, homes, and second jobs, which all need consideration and action.

Using a 3×5 Index Card to Organize and Prioritize

At the start of the week, you get a new index card and using a pen you put three vertical lines; breaking up the card into three sections. In the left hand section, you put in the items that you need to get done that day. These will be called your “Urgent” items. Your goal for the day is to complete those items, no matter what! The center column is called “Required”.  These are action items that you are required to get done, but can wait until tomorrow, if you haven’t finished your Urgent items. The right column holds items you need or want to get done, but non-completion will not cause you any setback. An example would be: I just read an article about a new artist, and I want to check out his website. So, I place the URL of his site in this column.

Sample To-Do List:


  • Call UPS Store
  • Call Dean Adams
  • Fix forum entry
  • Get Yellow Ochre
  • e-mail artists on site updates


  • Complete Painting
  • Find venue for Kickoff
  • Call exhibitors
  • Call Deirdre regarding Saturday Art reception.

So I don’t forget

Now you have your daily to-do list. Keep it in a place where you always have access to it. I like to keep mine in my shirt or pants pocket. Index cards are very durable. They don’t make it through a wash and dry cycle, but they can easily last a week in your pocket. I say this because I don’t create a new card every day; sometimes I keep the same card for few days. When you complete an item on your card you cross it out. If a to-do comes up you add it on. I review my card every morning. On some days I transfer the information to a new card and on other days I just fill in new items and move others around.  Another good thing about having the index card on your person is that you can use the back to jot down notes. If I see artwork I like, I write down the artist’s name. When I meet people, I use it to put their names and telephone numbers. It has come in handy. I hope this information helps you to prioritize your life and keeps you organized, giving you more time to do what you love. Creating art!!!!!


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